TITO's Takedowns will be the Difference.

Ryoto hasn't faced a takedown monster like Tito Ortiz and we've never really seen him fight off his back.

Classic G&P Brutalization by the Huntington Beach Badboytoy TITO ORTIZ.

Rd 2. ref stoppage.


Thanks for the laugh.

Yeah right.

Titos Elbows > Ryoto's Upa

Tito's Scrambles > Ryoto's hip escape

Tito Boxing > Ryotos Karate

once he takes him down, Its Over

I have to agree. Machida is awesome, but Tito is going to put him on his back, press him against the cage, and elbow out a decision or stoppage.

I hope Tito destroys him in the 1st & makes a statement before leaving the octagon

 Unless the old Tito (and even then he would have to improve) shows up it's doubtful he wins this.

I'd love to see him back in the mix but outside his most recent article on Yahoo/MMAWeekly I've seen nothing that would tell me he's on that path.

In other words, the two choices are a)Machida wins or b)it's a shitty fight.

machida will win.

Tito hasn't been a takedown monster for some time, let's be honest. I like Tito, but everyone gets old.

i see tito being physically stronger than lyoto. i think he has a much bigger frame, but i could be wrong. provided tito can trap machida up against the fence, he stands a good chance of taking him down and pounding him out for a stoppage.....AND i'm a machida fan. just my 2 cents.

not gonna happen

 Should be a very good fight. I don't know who will win, but if Tito is injury-free he has a very good chance.

 Soccerjew took Machida down right away.  But it was a trip from a tie up and Tito tends to shoot from outside.    Machida reversed him almost immediately, which he almost certainly won't be able to do if Tito gets on top.  Hmmm....

Interesting fight.

Novice - Tito hasn't been a takedown monster for some time, let's be honest. I like Tito, but everyone gets old.

Not a monster, but still pretty good when he's not got a major injury.

He took down Rashad Evans right off the bat with a very explosive double, and Rashad's wrestling is way, way better than Machida's.

Point. But Forrest fought him to a stand still. And while he can take people down, when't the last time he finished anyone besides Shamrock? Hell he couldn't even finish Cote on the ground and that was before Cote went to Sidyongtong and started to train properly. He might be able to take Machida down, but taking him down and keeping him down are two separate things. He won't get past Lyoto's guard and he definitely won't do any damage there. Machida though will be making him pay for each takedown he gets.

I hope the best for Tito but I just don't see him winning at all.

This is a bad match up for Lyoto and may make for a very lackluster fight. To me it will come down to points, who will have better octogan control.

Lyoto may be better all around from a technical stand point, but he hasn't fought the caliber of opponents Tito has. Taking from Karo's words about The Peoples Warrior -Lyoto is good at everything, but not great at one thing...at least I haven't seen it yet.


Lyoto will pick apart Tito: Chuck Liddell is the only guy to do so. Chuck's striking is at a completely different level. Sylewise Lyoto will pick his strikes but doesn't have the power to finish Tito: i.e. Penn, Hoger, Nakamura....

Tito will take Lyoto down at will: We all know Tito's doubles are not nearly what they used be. At best, Tito will get perhaps 1 maybe 2 takedowns that may decide the fight. It will be interesting to see if Lyoto can neutralize Tito's strength from the guard.

Tito will get swept: Tito has never been swept. Period.

I think this fight will surprise Tito haters and Lyoto nuthuggers.