TIVO solutions for TUF

Everytime I record TUF, TiVO records only the time slot which means in
the beginning of the episode I get the previous show and in the end of
the episode the fight gets cut off or not seen at all. This is because the
show airs 9:05 - 10:05 instead of 9-10. How do you get around this
especially since Spike rotates what follows TUF.

Can't you just program it to tape between 8:30-10:30pm on a thursday night?

You can actually set it to record longer. I always set it for 15 minutes longer. You go to RECORD AND OTHER OPTIONS or something like that.

In the options part where you select the quality you can also have it stop recording up to 10 minutes after.

Go into the season pass manager. Then like SP stated it's in the options. You can tell it to record longer. I used to have to do that when it was on Monday nights with the WWE going over their time slot.

Wow, you are completely unworthy of owning a tivo.

"Wow, you are completely unworthy of owning a tivo. "

Agreed. Freakin' amateurs.

just record the sow afterwards, thats what i do, it's not like you can't delete it after you watch