Tivo with illegal Satellite

A buddy of mine has an illegal Dish Network box. He's got all the channels and it seems like a good deal ($250 for the box). I was thinking of going that route, but was wondering if you can use Tivo on an illegal box?

Does anyone know from experience?

prolly not....

I think you need a phone line plugged in fo tivo

No, you don't TapboY2. They might tell you so, but it's not true. My best friend has been running his Tivo for probably 2 years without a phone line.

how the hell does he do that? I bought one of the old Tivos on Ebay that has a lifetime subscription on it for $100 - I already swapped out the hard drive w/ a 250 gig one. I'd love to know how I can get rid of having to unravel the 20 feet of phone line every week to update the box.

I don't think he does anything special....just unplug it. It does give him a nag message every so often. Something about not updating for 700 days.

you only need the line if you call support...

Is it necessary to have internet connection for the tivo box? I've never had tivo and was in the process of getting it, when it said that you need a LAN connection for it.

My Internet connection is in my office on the complete opposite side of my house. So that would be a headache for me.

So can you have Tivo with out a LAN?

you need the phone line once to set it up, but after that, you are all set. It will bug you to make a call, but you will still get the updates, etc. You just need it once from what I remember. You might not even need it then. I have it without a phone line (DirecTivo)