Tj Dillashaw: not dangerous whatsoever

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Tj Dillashaw: I don’t see him that dangerous. His jiu-jitsu is not dangerous whatsoever

MMA Fight Radio prefight interview with Tj Dillashaw

UFC Fight Night 35 – Rockhold vs. Philippou: January 15, 2014  -  Mike Easton vs T.J. Dillashaw

Tj Dillashaw

Tj Dillashaw

Thought on Dominick Cruz vacating the belt: “I feel it is unfortunate for him. I feel bad for the guy. He has been out trying to help me for a while. He doesn’t get that chance to get back in there and prove himself right now.

On Urijah Faber: “You guys just saw what he did to McDonald. McDonald was number 3 Faber was 2 he just dominated him. Faber is the best he has ever looked.”

Timeframe of when Tj would consider himself title contention worthy: “I see myself in the next year. Though it depends on if Urijah has that gold and how long he has it for. But I feel like I could be there quick. I have to prove myself and I feel like I am doing the right things to get me there and I will continue to do so.”

Would Dillashaw fight his teammate Urijah Faber: Most likely not. It is tough. I am going to have to wait till I get there but the guy got me into this sport he talked me into doing it. He got me where I am at by inviting me up to train with his team and helped me all the way. It is tough to say I would fight him. I have to fight him every day on practice. Obviously it is a sport and it’s all about the money. It’s something I might have to do.”

“It’s a kind of respect thing.  It is our livelihood. It is not only our goal but it is how we make money.  It is tough to take money away from your best bud.  I’m not saying it isn’t going to happen. I’m just saying it is tough. I am not saying I wouldn’t do it. I am just saying I would rather do it someone else”

“It defiantly is an individual sport but, my team got me to where I am at as well. I am not saying I couldn’t do just as good. But I did it a lot a lot faster. I did it a lot better. By me having world class training partners that I have to spa with every single day it makes fights a whole lot easier.  You know I am training with a whole lot better guys then he is. (Easton) I get pushed a lot harder by getting pushed harder you are going to get better. You are going to get deep and you are going to get better and better every day.  You can’t show up to the gym taking it easy and relaxed because you are going to get your butt kicked. You have got to show up ready to throw down because I am fighting number 2 and 3’s in the world in the weight class we have.”

Thoughts on his opponent Mike Easton: “He looks like he can hit hard because he is powerful but I don’t think he does. In his last fight nothing really happened. I mean, he always comes forward, he always has a great fight, but I don’t see him that dangerous. His jiu-jitsu is not dangerous whatsoever. I don’t see him finishing anybody on his feat. My grappling is a lot better than his.  I feel like I can win the fight wherever it goes.”

“I feel like I won that fight and most people know it so I don’t feel I have too much to prove but the fact is it is on my record and it is a loss. I think the only pressure it puts on me is that I just want a great performance. I lost to a very good opponent even though I thought I won but I need to get myself back up in high seating by doing it in a good fashion. Not only just wining the fight; he is a tough guy, he is very durable. But, I want to finish him.”


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