Been watching the Lakers/Bucks game, suprisingly competitive, which makes me worry because the Bucks are supposed to suck. I haven't figured out if the Bucks are overachieving or the Lakers underachieving, smart money is usually on the Lakers underachieving...

But TJ Ford is impressing me. For one thing, he's pushing the tempo, and he's FAST. Like Jason-Kidd-with-the-ball fast. And he's made some great dishes too, I've seen three so far. Great court vision. He doesn't look like a rookie at all.

At 5-10 he'll probably always be a defensive liability, and by accounts he's not much of a shooter, though supposedly that's improving. But he was my favorite college player last year and it's fun watching him in the pros.

I'm throwing out TJ Ford as my darkhorse for Rookie of the Year. I think he's really had an impact on the Bucks, he certainly has this Santiago guy running.


He might still develop a jumpshot. He works on it by all accounts and he's still young.

If Jason Kidd hasn't developed a jumpshot by this stage in his career, I don't think he will, but TJ Ford still can.

1/4 of the season has passed, TJ is shooting 33% fg, 11% 3pt, 85% ft, 6.5 ppg, 3.7 rpg, and 6.2 ast.

TJ needs t get in the fucking weight room, though. he is not strong enough and is a legit defensive liability. that is gonna be trouble, especailly since some teams have point guards that are 6'5" and shit.

and their is no excuse for being weak. get in the weight room!!!!!!!!!!!