TJ gets a USADA vacation and then goes 1-0 to get title shot while Aldo wins 3 in a row for no title shot

TJ got KOed at FLW, got caught cheating and took a vacation for 2 1/2 years.

Since TJ has been on his USADA vacation and returned for one SD win, Aldo has…

Aldo beat Moicano (who is now a LW) and earned POTN.
Fought Volk who is FW champ
Beat Moraes at BW
Fought Yan who was BW champ
Beat Vera, Munhoz and Font all by UD with two of those wins more recent than TJ’s win.

TJ’s last win before USADA vacation was over Garbrandt who like TJ, just got KOed at FLW.

I know who deserved the title shot here and it was Aldo over TJ.

Fighting killer after killer and then creating a win streak like Aldo should be rewarded over cheating and fighting almost nobody like TJ.


Aldo has fought 5x the elite fighters in his career that TJ has despite joining the UFC the same year TJ did.


Agreed. Aldo and Cruz should both be above TJ Imo


Aldo should have the current title shot and Dillashart should have to fight either Yan or Merab Dvalishvili. I like both those matchups

Aldo had already gone 16-1 in pro MMA and won the WEC title by the time TJ even turned pro. The only reason he even had a single loss was because he took a fight up at LW vs a fighter about to beat Din Thomas and then go fight Sakurai in PRIDE. Just in that one fight he did something TJ would never try to attempt in a million years. TJ knows he can’t compete vs FWs and LWs like Aldo.


Not only is Aldo on a 3 fight win streak compared to TJ’s one, but his wins were more decisive

I remember thinking Cory won that fight watching it live. I’d have to watch it again though


You cant just ignore the fact that TJ was champion when he was suspended.

Abd he is currently on a 5-0 win streak at bantamweight. The loss to Cejudo was at flyweight.


How many years ago was that again? Royce Gracie won some big fights in the past too. Why talk about ancient history?

What has TJ done in the past 3 years and 10 months at BW? Won a single fight by a hair that a lot of people think he lost and others say its a draw.

Aldo has been out there fighting. The EPO cheat has been on vacation. No comparison.


Haha, the guy is 1-0 at BW in the past four years and barely won and all of a sudden thats a “5-0 win streak”…right.


You were just talking about Aldo winning the WEC title and before TJ went pro. How many years ago was that Mr Hypocrite?:thinking:

Yes. Thst is right.

He was providing context as to how Aldo has done everything right and is one of the pioneers of the smaller weight fighters. He’s done everything that’s been asked of him and has fought far more than TJ. Compared to Dillashart who is a cheater lol


You know that 5-0 “win streak” took him six years to put together right and you got to ignore he got KOed by a FLW and USADA while on this “win streak” right?

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The UFC is a business. Ppl will tune in to watch tj get fucked up. Same for colby. And especially same for strickland.

All insignificant. Aldo “doing everything right” and being a pioneer means nothing to this discussion. Even if it did, being a pioneer overa decade ago does not trump TJ being champion 2 fights ago.

All besides the point. Whats next? You going to talk about how he gives to charity, doesnt cheat on his wife and brings cupcakes to his kid’s school class on hwr birthday?

They probably just want an American champion and TJ’s the only hope right now so gotta jump on it .

Doesnt matter since there is no time limits or requirements on fight records.

No. I specifically mentioned those wiins were at Bantamweights. You are literally 100% wrong…again. And i like the attempt to dismiss the champ vs champ fight with Cejudo as just “a flw”. Lol.

Being suspended means nothing in terms of records. Seems like youre just reaching for anything tonuse.

Not really. Dillashaw is not a big star for the company. Both his Cruz and Cejudo title fights were Fight Night events, not even PPVs. So was his 2nd Barao fight. All those fights were featured on Fox, ESPN or ESPN Plus and not PPV.

The three PPVs he has headlined did around 100k, 200k and 300k PPV buys respectively.

Sterling vs Dillashaw is not a big fight at all for the UFC.

You are over here talking about five fight win streaks that took six years to complete plus involved a USADA suspension, banned substances, a KO loss in another weight class and a controversial win a lot of people think was a loss and yet I’m the one reaching? Have a good day, pal, I’m done here.

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So youre just going to twist the facts and not mention that Cejudo vs Dillashae was scheduled for UFC 233 PPV but got moved up a week earlier to the foght bight event sonthey could headlie the promotion’s inaugural event on ESPN+?

Like I said before, your jedi troll mind tricks will not work on me.