TJ gets a USADA vacation and then goes 1-0 to get title shot while Aldo wins 3 in a row for no title shot

After getting verbally shut down you most definitely are done here. See ya. :laughing::wave:

Why are you using emojis? Has this discussion been emotional for you? Verbally shut down? That is laughable, no I honestly have shit to do and am done with this topic. I honestly give zero fucks about you liking or supporting the TJ title fight and just can’t waste anymore time talking about it. Glad that feels like some sort of “win” for you, enjoy it.

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Because i think theyre cute.

Says the man who got so upset that he announced he was leaving the thread…then returned minutes after I posted. :joy:

You said that you were done before…and it was a lie.

Why are you so upset that youre cursing and angry? It looks like you do give some fucks.

Okay buddy. See you later…again. :rofl::wave:

That’s the nature of show business. Both the employer (UFC) and employee (Aljo) want to make money. If either would prefer Aldo, that would likely happen. And btw. it is driven by the fans who, for the most part, also don’t care about morality or deserving.

Meh, you aren’t wrong. But all of that happened before TJ was a bonafide heel, and not even a fake Colby heel. He was pimping his workout and diet regiment (I think on JRE?) like DAYS before he popped hot. He’s such an arrogant twat, and he got starched while on EPO by a 130 pound midget.

TJ never lost his belt. His fights are always exciting and his style is one of the most fun to watch.


He lost that fight vs sandhagen

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Aldo vs Aljo would be a huge draw too. No idea why TJ got this … UFC want to hold on to American champs?

My niggga dropping facts. Aldo > TJ for title shot


TJ should have had automatic title shot when he got back…


Anyone who beats Aljo the oscar winner is fine by me and gets a pass for prior cheating.


Aldo already got an undeserved title shot. Dillashaw is the champ who was never beaten for the belt. Im not sure why anyone thought he wouldnt immediately be back in title contention. He served his punishment.


Plus TJ lost his belt by split decision (that a lot of people thought he won) and he still had to win 2 fights to get a title shot again. It’s not like he’s not had to work for it in the past.


Guess Aldo was talking about this bullshit in April…

Don’t look like he wants to get skipped over by Cejudo as well…

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The whole TJ situation is Bullshit and makes me think even a 2 year suspension was not enough.

On top of that he or some other offenders should then have the hardest road back to a Title Shot not the quickest or easiest way. Guy isn’t even a draw really so makes no sense to reward him from any perspective.

Aldo should have got the shot or a Main Event against Cruz and TJ should have to put together a looooooooong streak to get one

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I’m right there with ya man. Its just nuts for TJ to get this shot after using EPO and then basically fighting to a single draw in his return and meanwhile while he was on USADA vacation Aldo was out there like a warrior fighting fight after fight after fight like he has done forever and he gets skipped over by the EPO guy who arguably lost his single comeback fight? Its fucked.

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He was the champ when he got suspended… Suspended for a fight that wasn’t even in his division.

Are you saying if you get caught using EPO in one division you should still be able to compete in another division vs clean athletes who are not switching weight classes and getting caught using EPO?

He got caught cheating, why does it matter he got caught cheating while cutting too much weight and getting KOed?

He got suspended in both divisions what are you talking about?

Imo he deserved immediate title fight.

I’m talking about you saying “suspended for a fight that wasn’t even in his division” like that makes any difference to him having to go win some fights when he returns from his two year USADA vacation.

Its all good man, we just agree to disagree on who gets this title shot. It happens.