TJ gets a USADA vacation and then goes 1-0 to get title shot while Aldo wins 3 in a row for no title shot

He served his punishment. You’re being unreasonable. The guy was the dominant champion and no one took the title from him. He should absolutely be thrown back into title contention.

Aldo on the other hand got an undeserved title shot coming off a 2 fight losing streak.


Great job UFC.

Did a great job with all that.

TJ showed up like that for a title shot he should not have got and Aldo retired because he was sick of the UFC bullshit.

Great job UFC, well done… Sterling vs TJ, wonderful, thanks for that.


Yeah looking back is funny now and we knew. This outcome now has removed both Aldo and TJ from that Division for the moment and possibly permanently. I didn’t think it would be this bad though lol


Thanks again for that UFC, great job there bro.