TJ Thompson vs Dana White, MMA

who wins... the boxerciser or the ex chippendales dancer?

tjay, by aggro neck crank and elbows and knees to the groin--still hurting 4 days later.... :-(

(edited for unwanted bulging comment--lol)

Hiza right to the tama... Itai!

"to the growing"

dude you dont want your groin growing around tj... you might be light in the loafers

TJay -250 / Dana +200


with those odds I'll take Dana.

don't know what dana's background and current training regimen is, but as a NovaUniao purple belt who trains with T.Jay pretty often, I'll go ahead and pick T.Jay by can-opener... :-)

"Dana, because he has the mind of a Fortune 500 CEO."

On Crack

This is one of those cant pay me enough  situations.  Imagine the abuse one would take if Dana were to clean your clock...........

Odd.. where are the lines for the superbowl of MMA (Pride NYE)?

TJay by a can-o-bobby southworth-direspectin!

TJ's dancing experience would obviously be sufficient to overcome most people, but still be no match for a grandmaster of boxercise.