some of you may have already seen this, i have no idea how old this video is but with the site being down i found it on another forum......

i dont even know if this guy is a MT guy or not, lol youll see for yourself......

i know this isn't the Kickboxing forum, but i thought you guys would get a kick out this


Those are some nasty ass kicks....


bro! hell yeah, i mean he was throwing like 3 kicks before hitting the ground again!

crazy ass TKD guys....


Zero are you serious??

that guy who was suppose to be the Kickboxer,i dont know who he is or how good he is and im certainly not takin away from him, but i have been training for 3 years and i saw so many chances that he could have licked that guy a few times, especially how the TKD guy walks up to him with his hands down??


what's going on here? all my posts are disappearing.

that guy is not a thai fighter. he's just some unskilled poser wearing thai shorts. he's awful. i could knock that guy out.

That TKD dude was cool to watch, but that kickboxer (or whatever the fuck he was) wasn't doing shit...But they were still nasty ass kicks..


Fabes i noticed on another thread where you said something about my getting an answer to my question your post was deleted???



I wonder if the non-TKD guy knows how to kick or punch at all.

lol @ braz, just lol

too true....


I read somewhere that, that particular event was fixed..

if a legit MT fighter got beat like that by a TKD guy in thailand, he would be deported from his own country



please note that even though the kicks connected...the MT guy didn't stay down.

no power in them TKD kicks.

-Jim Clifford

nonetheless, still amazing to watch.

Speaking of Koreans..

CHOI over SOA by RNC! Thats what i call heart!

That "MT" Guy was definitely korean. He was also not a very good fighter and obviously very intimidated by the TKD guy. Having said that. I think the TKD guy was probably very good as TKD guys go.


Yes the supiriority of Korean TKD is obvious! As it was in boxing when the Korean guy handed it Roy Jones Jr. Someone paid that "Thai" guy to do nothing and take some shots while the TKD guy did a demo.

majority of the time the MT fighters, beat the TKD fighter.

But remember "Anything can happen in a fight."