TKO 14 - Thanks for the support

The TKO organization just got back from Victoriaville and we are very happy with this awesome event. This was in my opinion one of our best shows ever.

First of all, I'd like to thank the city of Victoriaville for supporting MMA like no other city has done before. The support from the fans, from the city, from the different corportations and sponsors was just great. We will be back in Victoriaville very soon.

The next two TKO events are scheduled for February 13th (TKO 15) in Montreal and May 1st (TKO 16) in Quebec city.

I wish to personnaly thank the following people for their awesome support:

STEVE CLAVEAU: You convinced me to do a show in your town and it was one of the best decision I took. On top of convincing me, you helped me build that show in a tremendous way. I don't know how you found time to train and give Ryan Diaz such a formidable opposition. Congratulations Steve, and thanks again, what you did for TKO will be remembered forever.

MARC BRISEBOIS: All I can say is this: Thank you. I don't even think the show would still be alive if it wasn't for your support. I don't think I would've even been at the show on saturday if you didn't show up in that room on friday morning. Thank you Marc, we started this thing with nothing and we will bring it to the top. It takes time, a lot of time, but as long as the real pioneers understand that and keep working hard, this sport will grow. Thank you.

MARK PAVELICH: We both went through very very hard times in the last few months but I guess we both are made of the same stone. I promised I wasn't giving up if you weren't giving up either. We are now both stronger and ready for greater things - your presence at the last event meant a lot to me and I guess the fans will understand when we make our announcement. Thanks for the support.

ANTHONY HORNG: You my friend have the best voice in MMA - You are BY FAR the best ring announcer in the sport and I really appreciate your support as well. Having you back in our event brought the production to a higher level once again. Thank you for being the voice of TKO - you are a huge part of the family.

MARK COLANGELO: This was your first experience as an "interviewer" and after watching the tapes I must admit you did an awesome job - you looked VERY VERY natural and prepared for this. Your presence in Montreal's West-Island will mean great things for TKO as you bring something in the company that was much needed. Thank you for believing in me.

JOE FERRARO: Even though you were not at TKO 14, your presence was felt. You brought a lot to the organization and I'm sure I will be able to build around the heritage you left in your day-to-day dealings with the fighters. Thank you for what you did, thank you for your support and most of all thank you for believing in me for such a long period of time. Unfortunately, patience has a limit - and I understand your reasons for leaving. Thank you.

ALEX AND DERRICK CAPORICCI: That was your first show and you guys were clearly very nervous about everything that was going on! I dont know if I told you, but you guys did a terrific job! This is a team effort and we will continue to work even more as a team if we want to make sure we bring this to the next level. I know the element are in place, let's just make sure we take the best from everybody and nobody will stop us.

TO ALL THE FIGHTERS: When I first started in MMA, my organization and myself had a reputation of taking care of fighters better than any other organizations. I promised we would bring this sport to the highest level and we did. I promised purses would reach higher levels and we did. Unfortunately I realized that with the sport growing so fast, with the production improving so fast and with our show growing so fast I kinda forgot about all the special attentions I used to give all the fighters. I just think this thing grew too fast and I forgot about some of the basics - And I'm sorry about it. I am probably the biggest fan of MMA out there - and I will make sure this changes in a dramatic way. I will find time to make sure you guys feel I am 100% behind you and that we all work in the same direction.

GEORGES ST-PIERRE: You did it! Your dedication to your training and the serious you put in your MMA career should be an example for all the athletes in this country. You stood by me in the hard times, and I really appreciate your support. We are going to Vegas in January and this is just the beginning for you Rush. You are still very young, but you have the heart of a veteran. I am proud to be your manager.

JEFF JOSLIN: There is a lot of talk on this forum about your fight with Jonathan Goulet. You know how I feel about the decision and that's all that counts. Thank you for understanding and keeping your smile after. You are truely a class act - some people should learn from you. We will see you back and we both know the result will be different next time. You are a professional and your reaction shows that you will have a great career.

PAIN PETERS: Finaly! I knew Pain wasn't dead - it seemed impossible for me that this true legend of MMA in Canada would disappear without a fight. Man, you won that fight that was within yourself and at 155 lbs, I can say that YOU ARE BACK! And the 155 division will start to feel the Pain! Your post-fight press conference interview was a classic! Thank you for what you bring to my organization. Keep training as hard as you did for that fight - you have a great team and you will achieve things you never thought of, guaranteed. Thank you Pain!

I know I forgot a lot of people on this post, but bottom line, I would like to thank EVERYBODY that was involved with this show - you guys have been great and this sport and our organization owes you a lot.

Thank you and see you next time!


what fights are in the works for the next events?

For February we are working on the following:

- David Loiseau to defend his World MW title

- Mark Hominick to defend his Canadian SLW title

- Steve Vigneault to defend his Canadian MW title

- Patrick Cote to defend his Canadian LHW title

And some very interesting news to be announced shortly - it will be a huge show! Stay tuned! There will be some big names on the show!

TKO 14 was a good event.

I dont know about the snoring in the car but other then that, things went all right :)

COngrats on putting on TKO 14 and on getting Georges a shot in the UFC. I know that it is a joint effort, trainers, managers, fighters, friends, family it is a joint effort.

Like you said I think Joe Ferarro was missed and I talked to him on the phone telling him so. All the best to TKO, Ferraro and most importantly... MMA in Canada. Lets grow the sport the best way we know how, No shortcuts no cutting corners, just good ole Hard work.

"The Sushiboy"

Classy post. Hope there is for TKO...

An organization can't go too far wrong having fighters like JEFF JOSLIN fighting for them or having MARK COLANGELO working with them. Classy post indeed.

Congrats on the show Steph...wish I was there. Seems another 'time' I miss Mark Pavelich. I've wanted to meet him for so long, but alas, I will have to wait for another day.

Arnold, thanks for the kind words and it was a pleasure talking to you. Like I said, if the funds are there, I hopefully will be in the stands at the next show. Plus, I have to convince the wife I'm leaving the house 'again'...:)

Congrats to Georges as well...UFC is next. I can't wait to see that...:)

Whoa ...


TTT for Colangelo being on the big mike. He's a prof. communicator, and has a helluva personality, so I'm sure he'll come off like gold either in interviews, or in commentary.

Teabagger lays down the gauntlet (or is it nutsack?)


Oh and Ivan would beat Hominick without too many worries.

It was a great show by all accounts.

TKO will hopefully get past some of it's short-comings and be able to pull ahead and leave some of the bad-press behind.

We've got a long way to go as a sport, and we need to help one another, not hurt one another. Joe and I will be there in some capacity I'm sure. Before we were "involved" in the sport, we were always fans, and will continue to be in the years to come. At least if we're sitting in the stands we can cheer out loud for out favorite fighters and not have sit there and be quiet etc...although I must say when St.Pierre beat Spratt, I was up on my chair yelling at the top of my lungs LOL !!! I actually lost my voice because of it, and am having a hard time speaking today.

The best part about this sport that most people don't get to see is stuff like Georges and Pete leaving the afterparty TOGETHER with Sven Bean and The Crow, then to top it off, having Georges give them a ride to the resturaunt that we met up at and ate a HUGE tables worth of food until 2:45am...and yes, Georges and Pete sat together. St.Pierre is all class and Spratt is one of the nicest guys I've EVER met in MMA.

Even though I wasn't mentioned directly in the post I'm sure that I was to be included in the part about the people that were forgotten etc...

Good luck to all the fighters fighting in February.



"Even though I wasn't mentioned directly in the post I'm sure that I was to be included in the part about the people that were forgotten etc..."

Could just be an oversight?

...very possible Kim, very indeed.




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Steph, what did you mean by "You know how I feel about the decision and that's all that counts. Thank you for understanding and keeping your smile after." If you feel that Jeff one is there any way to turn the decision over?