TKO 15 fighters?

I haven't seen any of these guys fight before:

Chris Fontaine
Todd Gouwenberg
Marc Cambier
Troy Quesnelle
Mark Bocek

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Hulk Geris told me that Mark Bocek is a baaaaad mother...

**hush yo mouth!**

But I'm talkin' 'bout Bocek!



Chris Fontaine: T-1000 out of winnipeg. Good MMA experience.

Todd Gouwenberg: Cyborg project of Lance Gibsons. Destroyed his last opponent quickly via ring destruction.

Mark Bocek: World class grappler... literally. Making mma debut.


Troy Quesnelle: Is a student of Pride and UFC Veteran Gary Goodridge making his MMA debut.

interesting... i was born and raised in winnipeg --- looking forward to seeing this fontaine dude in action!

Fontaine is a bad man...tight skills and strong as hell.

Bocek has the most potential out of anyone that I've ever seen. He is the real deal and could end up being the Canadian posterchild for MMA. He has the potetial for being that damn good.

Who ever is fighting Todd Gouwengerg better have a good chin he hits fuckin hard and has bad intention with anything he does this guy will destoy people. He is exactly what the heavyweight division needs.

I've been reading a lot of great things about Bocek. Does he have any MMA experience or is it all BJJ? Whatever the case... I'm looking forward to the 28th!

TTT for Mark Bocek

Hulk Geris pointed out Bocek walking to the ring with Carlos Newton in UFC 47. If he's with Newton at a UFC cornering him that speaks volumes.

Chris Fontaine is Joe Doerksen's favorite Fontaine. He has all the heart and talent a guy could wish for, and a melon made out of cast iron, to boot. Looking forward to seeing him fight some really good competition.

Joe, I'm looking forward to see Fontaine fight. I was born and raised in Winnipeg so I'll be rooting for him... from my front row seat!

Who's going to be in Fontaine's corner ??

Are you coming down Joe ?

What about the Velvet cheddar Rodrigo Munduruca ??




Marc Cambier is a man with titties. He does karate and fought in a trash promotion before. Even in the WECF, he couldn't find a way to win. If Gouwenberg dosen't run trough him, I won't be impressed.