TKO 15, what time ????

I might be blind but I went on the site and can't find info on the time the fights start. Can anyone help me with this ??? Thanks.

Tickets say prelims start at 6pm, I believe.

Thanks rene.r.

Pre-lims are at 6pm mayne card starts at 7:30...


Damn, Colangelo is training so hard he's spelling all carazey! :)

Go Colangelo!

And you know I'll be there early to see your fight. Good luck Bro.

Don't question him rene!! Colangelo is the man and if he spells it that way then it's gotta be correct!

Kick some ass brutha.

JonKellet, you must be correct. I will start training now:



Can't wait!

Good luck Mark!

Good luck Mark!

Dayum, 6:00 is early ...

The emblem on Colangelo's car reads "IROK".

It makes total sence now...