TKO 16 - less than a week away!

who's going? any updates from the fighters? predictions? ete... for those who asked - my tickets are not for sale anymore - business trip is delayed for 2 weeks so I will be in Quebec City!

See? Sometimes things happen for a reason. Now you have to just sneak your video camera into the event so I can get a copy of it.

it would be a nice tape too since i'll be in the front row! :) dougie my man - you're missing out...

my picks - Mahood, Loiseau, Ouimet, Lee, Galbraith, Stout, Vigneault and Gouwenberg.

Can't you rig up something and attach the camera to your hat and the put the tape recorder in your pants or anything? Come on man! Help a brother out!

I'll bite.









i really should be supporting the winnipeg crew since i was born and raised there... but i think the crow and vigneault in quebec city will be too much to handle. i'm rooting for wagney but i think lee will ground and pound to victory.

gotta wait for those dvds dougie! :)

Wait for the dvds?

Man, when I snap and go crazy no one better be surprised...

I've never seen Lee fight but I have rolled with Wagnney when I visited and he kicked my ass much faster than usual. So I will go with Wagnney.






Stout-Jabouin (i can't tell...)





I have seen Brian McGee fight stand up 2 times now but I have yet to see him fight MMA so it's hard for me to judge that fight. He does however have very cool side burns and that alone should make his transition to action movie star after his fight career an easy one.

Stout vs Jabouin, I have no idea

oh yeah...forgot the prelims - magee, leong, proulx, lagace. i guess i'm calling a clean sweep for team tompkins!

Team Tompkins has the cardio to go baby!

Definately a huge weekend for Team Tompkins, thanks for the support guys and also best of luck for our honorary Team Tompkins member Carlos ' Ronin' Newton lets kick some serious ass this weekend.

Thanks for the support guys,


Carlos Who ??

I'M the only honourary Team Tompkins member around here buddy boy...


You seem to forget the damage I can inflict with my Couch Fu high kicks... lol

Good luck to everybody fighting this weekend with the exception of the guys fighting Sonny and Sammy...

No good luck for you... ;)

JHR by Sumo Splash

Here is my attempt at predictions:

Patrick Cote: Could go either way IMO, but I've seen Cote fight more times, so I give him the nod.

David Loiseau: Loiseau's experiance gives this fight to him.

Donald Ouimet: Should be a good standup fight but Ouimet is another more experianced fighter who should take this. But another fight that could go either way.

Tommy Lee: Lee is a solid, experianced fighter that has been in more MMA fights than Fabiano. Fabiano might have some ring rust but could easily win this fight.

Stephane Vigneault: I'm a big fan of the Little Vigneault, so I'll take him here.

Travis Galbraith: I've heard really good things about Travis, so I think he takes this fight.

Yves Jabouin: Another fight where I think experiance will be a factor. Stout looks to have a great future, but the UGC has done good with Jabouin giving him steadily better opponents. Once again, this one is tough to say, so I go with experience.

Todd Gouwenberg: Todd wins by referee stoppage.

Brian Magee

Phillipe Legace

Steve Proulx

Sonny Leong



alex - love the picks! minus cote and jabouin - our thoughts are the same...

I'm currently in training under Master JHR in couch fu.