TKO 17 collage

Here is the first of several collages from TKO 17.

Larenas vs. Magee

I believe we'll see Larenas in the big show soon. He's got the size of Ron Waterman and the aggressiveness of W. Silva. He'll fit right in with the UFC's heavyweight division.

Nice collage.

Any more?

ya, I'll have about 4 more up soon.


I got to work out with Hominick the week before he went to TKO and he was on fire. For Rice to get him like that means that Rice has serious skill as Hominick is no slouch at all.

Sam Stout has beaten the crap out of me a few times now. He's a great up and commer that actually has signed with K1.

S Stout signed with K-1? I didn't hear that. Wow. I wish him the best.

I'll have his fight collage up tonight/tomorrow on

Hominick didn't have a clue how to handle Rice on the ground.

Hominck has a solid ground game with good basics. He's strong and know his positions too. Rice is just that darn good.