TKO 19 Weigh in Photo's

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John Fraser has some wicked sideburns.

St. Pierre looks a lot bigger than Strasser in that pic.Also holy hell Cote's guy is like ten feet tall!LOL Patrick will still KO him.

Great coverage & photos. Talked to "Knockdown" earlier and he is pumped for the fight. He said it was good to finally meet you Arnold. Susanne

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Isn't Cote's opponent the same one who KO'd Wes Sims?

ttt for the sushiboy!


dayum, cote looks like a midget.


Great work Arnold


St.Pierre by sub, TKO or KO depending what kind of gameplan he wishes to use.


wasa-b, it's not until tonight.

Cote's guy looks like he needs to eat something.Being that damn tall and only weighing 200 lb.s doesn't look healthy.

He is the guy who beat Wes Sims!

I should've realized before, but damn, that's going to be a huge reach advantage for Francois.