(EDMONTON, CANADA) May 2nd, 2006 – Less than 60 kilometers from Edmonton on beautiful Lac Ste. Anne lies the Village of Alberta Beach. This quaint, little community boasts the newest, exciting addition to the current stable of TKO fighters. His name is Jarid Bussemaker and he represents the next generation of MMA fighters. Competing in jiu-jitsu tournaments since the age of 14 years old, Bussemaker feels more than prepared to be making his TKO debut now, at the age of 20. Many current MMA superstars seemed to have backed into the sport after almost a lifetime of doing something else, but not Bussemaker! He explained, "I've been waiting a long time for this man! I've been a fan of the sport since I can remember. Training for the past six years, I followed TKO closely and dreamt that one day it would be me standing in that ring. Heck, I never thought I'd get my shot after only my first professional fight, but I'm sure as hell not complaining!"

TKO President, Stephane Patry, thinks he sees something in this young fighter. Often times, Patry's intuitions have been proven to be spot on. Bussemaker has exceptional ground skills, and an exciting, fast-paced fighting style which should make him an instantaneous fan favorite. "I'm going to go in there and throw all kinds of crazy stuff at him (referring to his opponent at TKO 25, Martin Grandmont). I can do that because I don't give a $!&# about being taken down! I love throwing flying stuff because if it lands it looks great. If it doesn't and I end up on my back, that's still advantage me!"

Bussemaker's expectations for this fight are simple; "it's going to be a blood bath! It will be exciting, that's for sure. I know this guy is tough and that he has a great kick-boxing background, but we don't hit with pillows in MMA. I've got a big size and height advantage on him. I fought my last fight at 185lbs (this upcoming fight is at 170lbs). I'm walking around at 180lbs right now and I expect to cut the last 10lbs in the sauna over the next couple of days."

Bussemaker recently moved to Edmonton to better facilitate his MMA training. "Finding training partners isn't easy out west. The biggest problem that I find is that a lot of guys have huge egos around here. Those kinds of guys just aren't the best to train with, you know? I've been learning jiu-jitsu under one of the best teachers around, Joseph Lindall. I've got a great amateur MMA fighter I train with all the time, Todd Smart. I've trained a few times with Mike Bell. He's also going to put on an awesome performance! The guy is really fun to watch and never quits. Bell and Horodecki will stand and bang it out until one of them drops!"

TKO fans should keep their eye on Bussemaker. Highly accomplished jiu-jitsu fighters who are willing to strike and make the fight exciting for the fans always have tremendous potential to succeed in MMA. Add to that Bussemaker's outspoken and outgoing social qualities and what you have is a potential superstar. The Alberta Beach Bad Boy has arrived!