TKO 27: REINCARNATION (Friday, September 29th, Bell Centre, Montreal)

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Main Event: IVAN MENJIVAR (Montreal, Qc) vs. MARK HOMINICK (London, On)

World LW Championship: JAY ESTRADA (Chicago, USA) vs. SAM STOUT (London, On)

World HW Championship: KRZYSZTOF SOSZYNSKI (Los-Angeles, USA) vs. ICHO LARENAS (Montreal, Qc)

Lighweight Division: CHRIS HORODECKI (London, On) vs. SAMUEL GUILLET (Montreal, Qc)

Light-Heavyweight Division: TODD GOUWENBERG (Vancouver, BC) vs. MARTIN DESILETS (Victoriaville, Qc)

Featherweight Division: DAMACIO PAGE (Albuquerque, USA) vs. STEPHANE VIGNEAULT (Montreal, Qc)

Lightweight Division: JAMES MARTINEZ (Honolulu, USA) vs. STEPHANE DUBE (St-Constant, Qc)

Lightweight Division: TYLER JACKSON (Vancouver, BC) vs. DONALD OUIMET (St-Eustache, Qc)

Welterweight Division: IAN MAJOR (Toronto, On) vs. CHRIS CLEMENTS (London, On)

Lightweight Division: JOHN FRASER (Sarnia, On) vs. STEVE CLAVEAU (Victoriaville, Qc)

Preliminary Bouts:

Lightweight Division: JACOB MACDONALD (London, On) vs. DAVE PARISEAU (Victoriaville, Qc)

Heavyweight Division: TBA vs. TBA

Tickets on sale now! 514-790-1245, 1-800-361-4595

or visit,,

Nice frakking main event! Way to come through!

All Canadian events are just getting better and better.

Heavyweight Division: TBA vs. TBA

anyone know??

edit for spelling. im alittle slow today

so in other words, Hominick will be fighting Menjivar , and we can put the possibility of him fighting Hioki on this card to rest?

Heavyweight Division: TBA vs. TBA

this will be a war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Hominick fights Menjivar on this card and loses, what would that do to
his rematch with Hiocki? A rematch for the title would only have credibility
if the previous champion was the #1 contender.

Why would Hiocki give a title shot to Hominick if Menjivar had earned it
instead? Historically, rematches are not broken by an in-between fight.

I agree with you Sled Dog that the winner should be given the shot at the title but I'm guessing without actually seeing it that Hominicks contract entitled him to a rematch if he lost the title.

Someone in Tompkins could probably clarify this.Anyways I think this will be the Canadian fight of the year.Man I want to go down to this but I'm working.

Menjivar and Hominick are fighting at 150 to create a loophole for that theory.

So even if Menjivar wins, he did so at a weight that the title was not held at and Hominick still gets his rematch. Menjivar would then fight the winner.

ttta for TBA, has he lost yet?

There's no way that main event happens. Ivan fights again in K1 on the 9th of Oct. You seriously think K1 will let him fight a couple of weeks before?

Barring any tomfoolery, this card should be electric. A lot of fan favs in there. Nice to see Simba fighting again as well. Wish I could go but I'll be rotting in T-Zero instead :(