TKO 28

As the TKO 27 : Reincarnation ends, the time for updates about TKO 28 is coming. Stephane Patry told yesturday at the weigh-ins that the TKO 29 will take place at the Bell Centre on February 9th 2007. TKO 28 will take place in Victoriaville this fall. The Hioki vs Hominick rematch is set for February.


Hioki vs Hominick will be something.

Hominick will beat the skin off Hioki.

Isn't Hominick fighting Joe Stevenson in Nov??

I'll take care of Stevenson!

Dougie do you have a license for those "GUNS".

I'm pretty sure you don't need a license to carry BB guns :)

HHAHA nice Dougie