TKO Cage?!?

Could you guys see the action as good as the ring? Also any new on the attendance for the event? thanks.

Oh man another one bites the dust:(

I really don't like cages. you can't see the whole cage. But everyone involved in the sport is so afraid that it is going to be confused with boxing that they figure they need a cage so people no the difference.

MEANWHILE, they have changed mma so that it is more or less like boxing circa 1850. Takedowns with very little ground work, no counts so the fights are stopped after the first solid shot, 10 point must system for scoring(with a lot of events only having 2 rds so that draws are inevitable), using refs and commentators that don't know mma(don't understand effectiveness of thai leg kick ala goldie-UFC), it goes on and on. in 5 years mma will be boxing withj takdowns IMO