TKO DVD Thread Deleted

I deleted the thread.

Tape trading, peer to peer file sharing, and any/all other means of bootlegging or otherwise violating the intellectual and other property rights of media producers (including MMA promotions, instructionals, etc.) is strictly prohibited on the U.G.

If you have any problem with that, please contact

Now if someone would step up and say why they have deleted my thoughts we will be going somewhere.. are protecting STOLEN property if you defend TKO.

I am the first one to defend against piracy in MMA but lets be realistic and consistant here ok.




On the rare occasions I delete a message or thread, I will always make a post identifying that I did it, explaining why, and letting folks who disagree know they can contact Kirik about it.

thanks for the reply rene jr.

cheers to you and the staff

I am just trying to understand who made the call.

all the best,


Copied from another thread:

It's my understanding that [s]omebody contacted Kirik and requested action be taken. Not knowing the Canadian scene as a local might, he took what action he thought reasonable given the time he had available.
When people disagreed with his action, he stepped up in a big way. Now, he probably understands the scene better, and if people take the opportunity provided to communicate their views, it will hopefully avoid something similar happening again.

ahh so a guy who uses this forum to corrupt, lie and scam the world has the power to have truths about him removed?

cool now I understand 100%



I understand that you are frustrated, but also understand that you stayed quiet for a long time, so your views were not widely known. It was your choice to do so, and your right, but thus also your responsibility, in part.

Now, hopefully, people, including Kirik, have a better idea of what's happening here, and next time (if there is a next time--I hope there is not) more appropriate, and balanced action can be taken.

(I'm guessing people also did not complain about TKOMMA's post, and if they had, perhaps that would have generated a different response).

No offense but you have no clue of my frustration. Keeping silent has nothing to do with the facts. I gave Stephane a dead line...he made the choice to NOT do the right thing. I do take responsibilty for my post..fully...and stand behind those do the 136 people who have emailed me SO FAR with similar stories.

So your telling me that if I called you crying about the original post by Stephanie would have been deleted?

There will not be a next time. My point was proven and my entire day was spent of much more positive things.

No one likes living in a house that smells like garbage. Im sure many would agree that it sure smells good in here without TKO.

Again, this is not to rag on you, Kiril OR at all. I simply want to have a clear picture in my head as to why some words stay and some go.




I've explained it as best as I can. If you feel the need, email me at

You explained the best you need to email you about it. Unless you want to shoot the shit about the next Pride event :)