TKO - fight in the stands

what was going on during the Gouwenberg/Larenas fight on the west side floor? a big brawl broke out... i saw steve vigneault trying to calm things down. it sure was more exciting than the fight in the ring!

I heard some guy spilt another guys poutine!

i would fight jeremy horn if he touched my poutine!

I miss one show and all hell breaks loose... ;)

yeah JHR -- and Goulet took a cheap shot at Ouimet after the fight which nearly caused another brawl in the ring!

I seen the pics of that !!!

Holy chaos !

You should have shouted, "Look! You guys back there better settle down or I am turning this arena around and we're all going home! Now stay in your own sets and keep your hands to yourself!"

That always worked for my Mom when she dealt with us kids.