TKO happenings...

Thanks to EVERYONE who has been calling me the past 3 days in Victoriaville. All the news and updates have been great. I'll talk to most of you later on throughout the day. Here's my personal take on the happenings:

St.Pierre, well, like Rob McDonald and I discussed at Joslins, Georges was prime for this victory. I'm very proud of him cause he is a tireless 'STUD' and deserves one of two things: a shot at the UFC or like his manager preaches 'Carlos Newton'. I'd rather see him in the UFC.

Kyle's time my friend. I told you, so get back home and get ready to take the next step. In fact, your stock just rose a little more bro, so keep it going my man. It only gets tougher from here. Keep training hard my man, you're setting the precedent for the East coast of this country.

Jeff Joslin...I have spoken to six different people that were there and I am told Jeff got ROBBED of the decision. I am not surprised by this as the mathematics and history of all of this type of scenario always ruins....anyway, no need to harp on this. If all accounts are correct, Jeff's 'loss' column should have an astericks next to it. Let's see a rematch in another province PLEASE.

Dave are a lucky man today...and for the next little while. Your true match is with Justin Bruckman, but your camp refuses to accept. You know this is a match that you and TKO cannot run from much longer. You have excellent striking skills, but it's now 3 shows you have dodged the bullet named LOAF. From what I hear, your fight was spectacular, but you beat a talented fighter who was off for 2 years. If Davidson had a fight or two in between, I would have had more interest in this fight.

Patrick Cote...just a head's up to the West Coast. This guy is the real deal, a really nice guy, boxing skills that can rock and true showman. He's worth the price of admission alone. I have 3 names that should take notes: Bill Mahood, Jason MacDonald and Rob McDonald. That's a four man LHW tourney I would love to see. As for Vigneault, no worries, he has a date with Kang very soon and he'll be back stronger than ever. Middleweight is where he belongs, not LHW. He's still a great fighter in my books.

ttt for the Loaf bullet!!:)

Congrats to St. Pierre. He just continues to impress. I don't want to see him fight Carlos Newton, however. It would be better to beat the world than beat on fellow Canucks at this stage of our MMA evolution. We need to make stars still, not replace them. Give St. Pierre a good run on the international level. I would like to see him in the UFC, then PrideFC.

Can anyone give an outline of the Joslin fight? If decisions are that controversial, it's bad for both fighters, and for the sport. Judges need to get their shit together and score according to the criteria. There should be no question in a unanimous ruling.

Congrats to Thierry to.

I was ringside and I can tell you, that the Joslin fight was definately judged incorrectly. Me and another looked at each other like oh well.

Guess they didn't want to rule in favor of the non-local boy.

Then again, was anyone there? Did you see who has their hands in TKO pocket?

Let's hope Shut Up and Fight can have an indirect effect on TKO.

The way TKO deals with fighters, the broken promises, restrictive contracts and the horrible judging when it comes to decisions especially when it is between someone from Quebec and others who are not need to be addressed.


Well said.


Jeff was robbed.

Loaf would win.

cgm , well said for sure !!!!!!!!!!


You're bang on with 90% of what you say...only problem is that TKO is not the ones judging the fights. It actually is hired commission representatives that do the judging. I believe it is their education that needs to be addressed, not TKO per say.

The rest of what you said though was very, very true.


You just posted what I was to post.

In no way do I blame TKO or Steph for a bad decision. It's the
commission judges that need to be educated and less
influencable. Steph didn't judge the fight. I also think that this
stuff happens with all commissions not just Quebec's.

By the way Joe, I met Mike Mcneil and still managed to pick up a
Showdown combat Sports t-shirt.

It's also nice to read your posts with your newfound freedom of


You're one up on me my friend...I don't even have a Showdown Combat Sports T-shirt...:(

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Mr.McNeil...check your e-mail sir!!!

** This is gonna be fun **

I also had the pleasure of meeting Mr McNeil.. :)

and for the record, I too am sporting one of those snazzy shirts right now as I type this... :)

SJ, Lambam,

Thanks for clarifying that. I didn't mean TKO themselves regarding the judges, but can either one of you guys tell me if TKO has a say in which judges they want to allow to judge?

Something just seems totally wrong in some of their decisions regarding fighters from Quebec. If some of these are the same judges who made debatable decisions before, then why are they allowed to continue?

What I would like to know also is why TKO does not acknowledge this in any way and try and correct it in the future???

i don't think it was a bs decision due to tko... i think tko would have preffered a joslin win if anything, lambam and others are correct.

TKO has no say in who the judges are at the event. The commission handles this area.

They show up with 'X' amount of reps and refs and allocate who is doing what for each match. TKO has no say.

If TKO did, thinks may be least I know if I was there, I would know who I would recommend to judge/ref.

Showdown Joe... I have a Showdown Combats Sports T-Shirt too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What you all need is the "Fateh Fight Club" T-shirt. It will give you special powers.

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