TKO Heavy Bag Review on Amazon

"By robert day "oogp7778" (florida)

I bought this punching bag to release some pain and anxiety from my past and caused by my future, this has helped me do just that. Though life is hard it is worth breathing. I am soo glad God led my steps to this punching bag and most importantly to him. Though in a hundred years having this punching bag wont matter, I'm so glad I have him and he has me. God bless who ever reads this. Amen"

TKO is junk and so is Neverlast. I only buy Ringside or CSI, Fairtex or maybe Title thats about it. Twins is good stuff from what I hear too.

I'm interested in that TKO bag because it's canvas - and the fact that it can release pain and anxiety from the past AND the future.

That TKO bag can't release pain and anxiety from the past and the future, only Tom Cruise can release pain and anxiety from the past and the future.

PeterIrl, you don't know the history of TKO, I do...


LOL. Just a thought, I reckon if you made a heavybag with Cruises face printed on it you'd sell millions. Of course, it'd only be available as a 3ft...

Everytime you strike the Cruise-bag, a body thetan dies..

"you guys ever do bagwork outdoors?"

I teabagged your mom in the backyard - does that count?

"you guys ever do bagwork outdoors?"

Yep, and thats why I'm barred from the Kmart carpark..

8th - your mother is a pedophile - she's going to be asked to take a seat over there.

By shizzle, I think you're right!