TKO in a pursuit against IFL!!!

I read that TKO pursuing IFL because of Horodecki....

Krzysztof Soszynski might be next on line ..... Does anybody Know more about that ??

Good interview with Patry....

"When they signed with the IFL, I didn't have any problem with this because Shawn Tompkins told me that the IFL agreed to let them complete their TKO Contract in Montreal. Then, after some time, I realize Tompkins didn't really told me the truth and the IFL doesn't want these guys to fight for TKO anymore"


"didn't really told me the truth"


Ya, I thought that was funny too

So they are suing the IFL cause Shawn Tompkins is a liar? Or didn't really told him the truth?

Good luck with that

awful translation lol but funny none the less

I'm not a lawyer so maybe Magnus can correct me here.
But I believe the issue is you can't enter into a contract if you are already in another contract that has not be fullfilled. So it looks like TKO just wants their contracts honored being that they probably have a couple of fights left on it.

The part with Thompkins reads as Shawn said the IFL was going to allow the fighters to sign with them and still finish their current contracts with TKO.

If I were TKO I would want Horodecki back fighting as he is a superstar right now, I want him back to so I can watch him fight in Canada some more.

This being said I don't what was said between the 2 parties involved here and I am just giving my impression from the interview taken.

you could be a lawyer Scarface and a pimpin one at that.

Tompkins imo...

wpgfighter : Patry is not suing IFL because Tompkins is a liar (well, he didn't tell the word "liar", but really said that Tomkins "didn't tell the truth". Actually, the interview was made in French se we tried to find a way to avoid mentionning the word "liar", as Patry did).

TKO wants their contracts to be respected by the IFL, so Horodecki can fulfill his commitment with TKO. That's why they are taking legal actions. I don't think there is any dispute between TKO and Team Tompkins (actually, Chris Clements should fight on June 1st, then Stout in September against Dube and Hominick also in September so I figure out there's no problem between them). The problem isn't that Tomkin dosn't want Horodecki to fight in TKO, this seems to only concern the IFL.

Gracie killar : Sorry for the awful translation, but it remains better that what you would have been able to read using the Google translator tool... lolllll We just did our best as we are not English speaking. There was plenty of interesting informations to justify the fact we also wanted to release it in English before people ask for it. Tnx to understand.

Stormy : I don't think you'll be able to get other informations as TKO doesn't want to talk too much because of legal issue. We'll be looking for the developments and will try to keep you informed about the judge's decision when it'll be available. Tnx


Ego manipulation 101

Shawn has punched me in the face a few times. Therefore. I am inclined to wait for his side of the story.

Finally a reason as to what happened to your face.


Having a contract does not prevent you from entering into another
contract ... as long as there are no inconsistencies and you can respect
both. It all depends on what's in Horodecki's TKO contract.

The fanatic,

Thanks for the info. I must say your site offers lots of up to date news
that I often refer to and I congratulate you on your continued efforts,
but it is unacceptable by any journalistic standards to change a quote
(and maintain the quotation marks) even if it is to not offend
sensibilities. A quote is either maintained as is or omitted.

As to there not being a dispute between Tompkins and TKO, it is a
little hard not to imagine some tension (even if some Tompkins
fighters are supposed to be on the next TKO card and the lawsuit is
not against Tompkins) since Patry has publicly referred to as Tompkins
as a "liar" based on the above account (unless fanatic's clarification has
further confused me).

I'm assuming Tompkins will be subpeona'd and will have to appear in
court to sort this out and give his version of events ... if it makes it to
court. Too bad he'll have to waste his time with this.

I guess we will see at the next TKO show how much Tompkins minds
being called a liar by Patry.


thefanatic said that they translated it that way because Patry specifically DID NOT call Tompkins a liar, so it was translated and quoted accurately.

I just like watching the Thompkin guys fight, so hopefully everything work out

For what it is worth, as was mentioned, generally one could enter into another contract, regardless if the first had been performed or not. The issue here would be, one would suppose, a matter of exclusivity, and with TKO making a parol (oral) waiver in that regard.

Assuming these are the issues and exclusivity is a CONDITION, then not a big deal really and certainly should NOT go to court if lawyers are doing their job.

scott@aristeia, as GregDilworth said, we didn't change the "quote" as Patry NEVER referred to the words "lie and/or liar". The interview is the exact transcription word by word of what we got on tape. And Patry used exactly the same expression on FCF Radio tonight.

You can be sure we never change, neither we will in the future, quotes from somedoby to avoid offensing another person. We consider that all the interviewed people known they were giving an interview and could assumed their words.

BTW, tnx for your good word!

Settle down deafWoody. At least I HAVE a reason. LOL!