TKO.. mind if I post Sandford vid?

hey, my friend has the sandford vs lachance fight from tko up on his site now, if you already know the address, go check it out...

could someone from tko let me know if it's ok to link? if i get no response i will post the address. if it's a problem posting it, i will have him take it down. thanks.

colin, please post the link. tks


I have the spratt/St'pierre fight and Pain's fight on tape.. :)

dubby, do you still have my friend's old website with the photos i showed you? go on msn if you can.

dubby, you have mail.

The pictures on that site are funny as hell!

It was nice to finally meet the rest of your gang Colin. You guys always look like your having a helluva great time :)

Nice to meet you guys too, dinner was a blast.

1 word for you........kazaa

Colin, can you email me the address, cuz i dont think ill be around this week, school sucks.

Thanks hommie

hey guys i couldn't make it to TKO 14 unfortunately i'd appreciate any link to vids/pics:

I can also host some stuff if needed as i have plenty of space/bandwidth on a server...



ttt for the vid link

Please share info with


alright, instead of emailing it, i will just post it:

the site is


if tko wants me to take it down i will have it done, but the vid is not exactly tv quality or anything so it likely wont be a problem. apologies if it is.

Great fight Kyle. Congrats!

Oh, and Colin... Nice corner work.

yeah, i didn't really have to do much though eh.