TKO on RDS Tonight!

Hi guys,

I was on the TKO website and saw the schedule for TKO on RDS.

Wednesday, January 7th 2004, 9h00PM
(Andre vs. Vigneault, Kang vs. Doerksen, Fryklund vs. Loiseau) - 8

If you access to RDS, watch this! Kang vs Doerksen was an awesome fight where I want to see a rematch in the future. Glad I get another opprotunity to see this fight. Plus, Fryklund vs. Loiseau was Loiseau's coming out party to the rest of the world.



What is RDS? Quebec TV station?

Rogers Digital something isn't it?

It's basically the TSN of Quebec.


Many thanks! Watching it now. wish I knew French!

"Kang vs Doerksen was an awesome fight "

I'll agree with that!