TKO results

from Ultime Fanatic

Roy Doepker def. Dave Fraser by Submission (Rear naked choke) at 4:06 of the 1st round

At the beginning, both athletes exchanged shots while standing up. Doepker scored a few time with low kicks, knees and punches. Fraser tried to hit Doepker without success. Doepker scored on a take down and took Fraser's back easily. He landed some hard punches from the side and then went for the rear naked choke at 4:06 of the 1st round.

Daniel Boissoneault def. Yves Lemelin by TKO (Referee stoppage - Strikes) at 2:26 of the 1st round

There were some nice exchanges at the beginning as both athletes landed some solid shots. Then Boissoneault scored on a take down but Lemelin immediately got up. The guys exchanged some solid punches and Boissoneault landed a serious one that sent Lemelin to the ground. Then Boissoneault took the full mount and finished his opponent with strikes until the referee decided to stop the fight at 2:26 of the 1st round.

Dave Pariseau def. Jacob MacDonald by Submission (Kimura) at 2:42 of the 2nd round

The first round went to Pariseau who landed the best punches. He scored on a takedown and went for the kimura. MacDonald defended himself and Pariseau tried a flying triangle choke. The same thing occurs at the beginning of the secound round as Pariseau landed some solid shots that stunned MacDonald. Pariseau scored on a single leg take down and got the kimura at 2:42 of the 2nd round.

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next up Steve Claveau and John Fraser
this should be a great one

I'm going for the Haggis basher.I really like this matchup though.Props to Patry and TKO.


JHR Def Guardb8ker 2:31 2nd round Via Wing choke

Damn I bet the house on guard8ker.


Steve Claveau def. John Fraser by Submission (Triangle choke) at 3:17 of the 1st round

Fraser entered the Bell Center on scottish music and wearing a kilt and Claveau answered by making his entrance with a blond curled wig and sunglasses. At the beginning of the fight, Claveau hitted solidly Fraser with a left punch and then scored on a double leg take down. Fraser immediatly got up and Claveau tried a guillotine as he was standing, but Fraser reversed Claveau who fell in his guard. Steve throw a lot of punches and move to the full mount position to send a few strikes. Then Fraser reversed Claveau and went in his guard. Claveau took the opportinity for the triangle choke at 3:17 of the 1st round.

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check ultime fanatic for updated results. Clements continues to roll. Jackson takes out Ouimet quick, Dube over Martines.

Mency!!!!! Atta boy!

1 down, 3 to go!


Krzysztof Soszynski def. Icho Larenas by TKO (Referee stoppage) after the 2nd round

Krzys!! Sweet!

2 down, 2 to go!


Way to Go Gouwenberg! Sounds like a war.

Todd Gouwenberg def. Martin Desilets by Unanimous decision (30-26 / 30-26 / 29-27)


ttt for Claveau, Loaf is a big fan after hanging with him at UCW!!!

any word on Hominick or Stout??

Mark Hominick def. Samuel Guillet by Decision unanime (30-27 / 30-27 / 29-28)

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stouts fight is next