TKO Weigh in Photo's

TKO weigh in Coverage.

Arnold...hope all is well. Was hoping to see you last weekend in BC, your home turf...:(

Maybe next time bro...have fun at TKO.

Tremblay Fears Conliffe

Greats pics Arnold.

wtf is up with the look Goulet is making... if it's a birth defect I apologize, if it's his attempt at mockery, I hope Ouimet crushes him. Again.


Ouimet will knock that face off Goulet!
Great Pics Arnold

Great pics! I can't believe Conliffe is out!

Thanks guys

Hey Showdown

I wanted so badly to go to See the ADCC Trials. I talked to Jason Darrah but I just couldnt get a deal done so I couldnt go. That doesnt mean I wont be going to future Evolution events. I heard things were run really well and every thing was top notch.

I really wanted to go to that and right up until the day before I had held out hopes of going. I hope to see Mr. Showdown Joe too.

All the best.

No Conliffe ??

Arrrgh !


Have to save that treat for a special day in the future I guess JHR.

what section are the weigh in photos in? I can't find em


Thanks JHR, you da man.

No problem Mark :)