TKO's future?

Has Patry finally screwed himself for good this time? He potentially has lost a certain fight team that has provided him with 2,3 even as many as 6 highly skilled fighters for each of the last 15 cards including world champions and internationally known fighters. Why does he keep biting the hand that feeds him?

Are you referring to Team Tompkins???

I think Team Tompkins is one of the top teams in Canada.However both Team Tompkins and TKO both made each other in a sense.

I don't think TKO is in trouble.Every organization makes enemies.There are too many fighters out there looking get on a show.If you want the higher calibre fighters money talks.

It is disapointing though to think Team Tompkins may not fight in TKO again.Hominick,Stout and Clements are all very exciteing matchups and Patry did set up the right matchups to allow there stlyles stand out.

no matter what, the biggest draws in montreal will always be the local fighters. local figher vs anyone, doens't matter.

why isn't Team Tompkins fighting at TKO anymore?

Maybe he"s referring to Jonathan goulet and team legion......That's what I think

He is talking about team Legion...Steve Claveau (team leader) is pissed with Patry so he will be sending all his fighters to other organisations including UGC, KOTC and MFC; That's not to mention the fact that he will be starting up his own organisation in Quebec.

Here is the interview he gave to "ultimefanatic"'s in french but I'm sure you guys can make sense of what he's saying:

I thought too that it was about Tompkins but yep, it's about Team
Legion. Read the interview.

Steve Claveau really says all he had been brewing for quite some
time as far as I know... Wow.... I cant wait to see whats in next for
Patry and claveau.

TTT this

Damn if he meant team legion then loseing the hometown guys isn't good.One thing though the fans in Quebec are very knowledgeable.So if Patry continues to bring in good talent even though it might cost them more TKO will continue to thrive.

I'm not talking about legion, damn he pissed them off too?

karma dude.

Bwahahahaha! I read the interview and I'm so glad that Patry's shit is finally catching up with him in a meaningful way. What a douche!

He lose Tompkins , He lose Legion , Loiseau , Quenneville , Menjivar .. But its never his fault lol

patry will file for chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, lolol

Patry vs Claveau = clash of the egos and whose head is inflated the most.

Yeah a lot of the stuff Claveau is complaining about seem kinda wierd.

like what?