TLC Thread

keep my posted guys, I'll be following this thread.

I will be following as well, since I'm not ordering it, though I sure would like to see it. If only there were some other way to view said program...

lol I'll hook u up Grizz.

Can anyone PM me an English pond? Can only find a German version of the pond, would like to fish in English if possible

Also lol @ Rey's attire. He looks silly, and the yellow is really not being nice to his fatness.

Sandow is amazing on the mic! That was hilarious. SILENCE!!! lol
Rhodes too.
Great stuff.

did u get that fish Othree?

Barry_BondsMVP - 

did u get that fish Othree?

No fish over here buddy...any chance you could throw me a worm? Phone Post

Subbed because I am at work till 10 Phone Post

Worm has been hooked.

if someone can summarize the matches etc, would be appreciated...I'll vote that ass up lol.

Good spot at the end

Cody Rhodes is really good
Sandow's mic work is the best in the company right now. Phone Post

wow, great finish

I missed most of the Sin Cara/Rey vs. Scholars match, but it ended when Sin Cara went to jump over the top rode to hit Rhodes and Cody rushed him and pushed him to the floor and through a table. Looked like Sin Cara hit hard and only caught the table with his ass 

Agreed on the finish being awesome btw.

Match started off slow but thought the finish was great with Cody pushing Sin off the top rope through the table. Phone Post

Barry_BondsMVP -

if someone can summarize the matches etc, would be appreciated...I'll vote that ass up lol.

A lot of teases..

Cara seemed winded again (I have no idea what's going on there)

Rey 619'd Cody onto a table and teased a tadpole splash until Sandow made the save.

Match ended with cara going for a springboard, but Cody ran in and push him backwards onto two tables.

Sandow landed a perfect 2 person kart wheel following the win Phone Post

The Shield vignette talking about Ryback being careless and forcing Punk to have surgery. Talking shit on Team Hell No, how their an insult to what great tag teams stand for, that it's an injustice that they are champs. 

nice, Rhode Scholars ftw