Yay or nah????

Mostly nay but should be some good spots. Miz vs Ziggler and AJ vs Dean will be good.

Meh Phone Post 3.0

at least the pre show has daniel bryan and rosenberg instead of king and lita.

In to see my favorite wrestler have zero chance of winning the championship.

Nice, Peter Rosenberg on the preshow.

booker was a massive dick to bryan. I guess he still piss at him for getting apollo crews name wrong.

Rumor has it Bryan is thinking about leaving the show, with his kid on the way and what not.

Hawkins announcer fucked up and said Houston when they are in Dallas. Great start Phone Post 3.0

This is today? Phone Post 3.0

TheBearStare - This is today? Phone Post 3.0

Right now

let's get this show on the road

going with Wyatt and Orton to win the titles here

Bray jobbing to start off the show Phone Post 3.0

When was the last time slater and rhyno actually had a tag match?

lol. that was a glorified squash.

Not complaining, just saying.

Luke hasn't changed his shirt since the Wyatt's debut 


bray wyatt has just won his first wwe gold

I'm guessing freebird rules