TMA geyness...or why I hate TMA...

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just be glad it's only once a year and not in your town.........

Sadly...I live in LA.

Why am I not surprised that American Kenpo is displayed in that video?

Cuz they're master blowhard douche bags.

haha...sweet defensive stance that they all do where they are leaning forward a little with their hands at 45 degree angles beside their hips.

I try to be respectuful of all martial arts but... Nevermind.

Look at all the pot bellies!

IF YOU WANT TO DO YOUR PART TO PUT A STOP TO TMA'S PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING, probably won't stop them but we really don't want these bastards being voted #1. Thanks again.

There is a poll going on for the Milwaukee Area selecting the 'BEST' locations for a variety of Businesses. One of the area's of focus is Health and Fitness and there is a Martial Arts category.

As you might guess there are a ton of McDojo's listed and only 2 real training facilities.......Matamoros Jiu Jitsu and Duke Roufus Gym.

Please take a moment and throw down a vote for each of these would be a shame to see CHO's TKD or some crap like that listed as the best spot for Martial Arts in MKE when there are legitimate schools in the city

Vote for Henry Here:

Vote for Duke Here:

Hint: to vote for both of them you'll need 2 different Email addresses as you are only 'allowed' to vote for 1 business per catagory......if you don't have 2 addresses than make a choice........but let's support the real gyms and the real instructors in the Milwaukee area instead of the Ronald McSensei types out there!

well, if i ever get attacked by a dummy in a dark alley, now i know what to do

Why not talk about things we like rather than dissing stuff. Puppies don't die if someone takes TKD. Who cares?

Is this some kind of infomercial on a tape series "self defence against tards loyds and spazes"

I don't do TKD, so I don't know...they might kill puppies.


i did a one day training session with a black belt in ninjitsu in vero beach, FL.

guy was so full of himself (and shit) i couldnt believe it. i was a white belt,two stripes in BJJ and he wouldnt roll with me.

he video tapped my brother and me when i showed him some stuff.

afterwards he said you just cant compete in tourneys with ninjitsu b/c it teaches to kill and maim (sp?) and wouldnt transition to MMA or Judo or BJJ.

he also didnt have the tip of his trigger finger b/c he shot it off cleaning his gun. which he always had with him...

That's great stuff if your opponent is standing perfectly still.

The sad part of this is that most of these people buy into the bullshit being shown and think they can defend themselves with this garbage. Most of their deadly strikes would just piss off a real fighter and get them a serious ass whooping. JKB

At least i saw 1 armbar and a bulldog choke in there.

"They do weird things with their feet."

^^ haha

The irony is is that the most applause I saw being given was for the armbar. "Wow, just like those ultimate guys!"