TMA in early UFC

Hi folks

Another thread got me thinking about something.

Does anyone know who the TMA guys were that competed in the early UFCs? Were they "Joe Average non-contact-point-tournament champs" or the TMA equivalent of the Gracie that competed?


Keith Hackney

Some noted TKD guy who is a legend - Takahashi or something like that

looked like regular TMA dudes for the most part

I think Minoki Ichihara from UFC 2 was some kind of full-contact karate champ who practiced a Kyokushin offshoot style. Definitely not a push-over.

Keith Hackney was my favorite back in the early days.

scott norris 1st fight vs a 18 year old tkd kid was killer. scott guillotined him and did a revers somersault takedown into a mounted guliiotine for the tap.

"Ichihara" that is who I meant... I'm stupid.

Most of them were really unknowns that had mostly point-sparring experience. While there were a few full-contact experienced fighters, they had NO awareness of the ground game, so they were still easy prey.

You didn't see any GOOD standup fighters until the early Don Frye and Gary Goodrich era, and you didn't see any ELITE strikers until Bas stepped into the octagon, if memory serves.