TMA on "F*ck Karate" T-Shirt

This guy thinks he's so smart...

Maybe the TKD kick to the head should have been a little lower like say to the groin area followed with a nice inward elbow or something along that lines. I hear most fights with a Jiu jitsu player end up on the ground....But almost all fights with any attacker start standing up.


Jesus Christ! Attack the groin...?! When you're mounted and getting hammered?! Gary Hughes... is that you? LOL!! Karate, Kenpo, Kung Fu... bullshit.

An MMA and TMA guy should reinact the t-shirt scenerio in a parking lot. Wearing the infamous t-shirts of course.

Problem with biting: Blood borne disese.

Whatcha think about that bitches?

All I know is, that shirt is fucking stupid.


also, the alleged BJJ guy doesn't use any bjj.

Karate or boxing type block, wrestling takedown and MMA ground-n-pound.

Rake the eyes, gouge the eyes, knee the nuts, stomp the head... whatever. I'd feel more comfortable in the clinch with a grappling background. I'd feel more comfortable on the ground with a grappling background.

That's not to say if we were on the ground, I'd look for a sub or something... I'd get the fuck up and start stomping the dude's head! I'm just saying if it went to the ground, I'd sure as hell want to know the best places to be and how to get out of bad positions.

I won't even get into with Kenpo guys. It's like talking to a brick wall sometimes.

"His arm would be broken before he had a chunk out of your leg. Which is
worse, a little bite or a broken arm? He also wouldn't be able to gouge
your eyes when you RNC him if your head is tucked'

you are a fucking idiot.

alls i can say is lock-in-a-sock!

I have never understood this arguement from TMA that MMA people would shoot on a hard surface or cement? Don't they realize that MMA encompases so much more than a double leg take down.

"I loved this one though

"I can handle myself quite well on the ground. However here on the Indian Reservation take some one to the ground and you better grow eyes in the back of your head. Any number of bystanders, brothers, cousins, sisters, and even mothers have no problem shooting the boots to you while your on top. And if any weapon is available, will swing for the fences. Better to hit them hard, not often, stay on your feet and get the hell out of there."

Let that be a lesson to all of u... dont start a fight on an indian reservation"

lol.. somerville.. it may sound funny but it's damn true.. I have seen plenty and been in a few vicious fights on several reservations.. it's not fun.. there is nobody to break anything up on the rez.. there are no rules

Bjj4lifeisback posted:  Jesus Christ! Attack the groin...?! When you're mounted and getting hammered?! Gary Hughes... is that you? LOL!! Karate, Kenpo, Kung Fu... bullshit."

I'm a blue belt in BJJ, so your comment is flawed.

Some TMAs have closed minds and they live in fantasy.  It's funny, some BJJ guys also have closed minds and are just as delusional as the TMA guys.  If you think BJJ is the best form of defense for all situations and you can teach yourself to strike, then you are just as ignorant as the TMAs that the UG always makes fun of .

Gary Hughes, Not a Traditional Martial Artist

There is much ignorance on both sides of the coin. No one said mma fighters can't defend themselves in the street. Its just plain silly to say that. On the other hand, just b/c you train mma for a little while, doesn't make you an expert of self defense. Many of the top fighters agree that tactics change on the street. If you can't see why this is true then your are just stupid. And yes its true that anyone can bite, but if you put yourself in a position to get bit, you will get bit first. And kid midnight, and armbar hyperextends the elbow, it doesn't break the bone (of course there are exceptions), and personally would much rather suffer a hyperextended elbow then a bite. I have been bit, I know whats its like. Got into a friendly match once with a buddy, just grappling. he had no training but outweighed me by about 30 lbs., maybe more. Thing was he was a little tapped in the head. So I proceeded to take him down pretty quick with an outer reap or back trip. When i dropped into sidemount he pushed me up a little to try to reverse, it didn't work and I ended up smothering his face with my chest. He freaked out (wasn't ready from someone my size to control him so easily) and bit my pectoral. Holy shit it hurt like hell and i screamed for him to let go. Luckily he did, but had he bit through I would have been in terrible pain with a really bad injury. I can't imagine it would have healed 100%. I learned from that experience and developed different tactics for fighting outside of a structured environment. Don't get me wrong I love mma and grappling, but I recognize its not the end all be all of self defense. Those of you who think it is are ironically falling into the same mental trap the hardcore TMA guys have.

god, lol @ that shirt, and not in a good way

If anyone knows Jay Jack (in Maine now) .. he used to teach for Amal Easton in Colorado. Anyways, i personally watched TWICE as... at two different times in one week... Kung Fu guys came into the academy saying they would rip off his ear in a real fight...

... so Jay, after asking the guy if he ever actually ripped an ear off before, tells him an ear is a hell of alot harder to rip off then one thinks. He then let the guy get a good grip and let the guy try to pull his damn ear off for like 30 seconds LOL

Like 2 days later another kung fu dude comes in and said the same damn thing!! LOL

Needless to say, you cant just rip someones ear off!!! LOL

No wonder Jays ears are fucked up!!!!

"Also the groin is open in the last picture, no rules on the street."

yeah no openings here either!