TME About Moscow in February besides it is cold

Heading to Moscow for a few days next month.  I'm prepared for the cold but anything I should see or do that is off the beaten path?


Figure out ways to stay warm. Phone Post 3.0

Eat Shashlik. Walk around St. Basil's and Red Square. Prepare for ridiculous prices on everything. Take a ride on the metro and see some of the art installations in the stations around town.

Lots of trouble to get into in night clubs etc. but that's not my bag (Married with kids.)

Try not to eat too much!

Wear a Putin t-shirt to blend in. Phone Post 3.0

fanat - Wear a Putin t-shirt to blend in. Phone Post 3.0

With a rainbow flag background?

Shogun of Harlem - Moscow, Idaho? Phone Post 3.0

Dang, the OG is usually pretty good on it.

my russian friends say right now is the best time for Americans to visit.....the dollar goes extra far these days now that the ruble is in the shitter


that's all i know


in fact they say to not even exchange your dollars for rubles as the dollar is very valuable and your rubles can literally lose 10% of their value the next day

He's counting the days until your visit