Tmobile SideKick users....ATTN!!

This is a DARK time in SK history my friends....

MYSPACE has changed their "Platform" recently and this new platform does not support viewing of their page from the SK 2 & 3.

I was told by a Customer service rep to write to MYSPACE and ask whats up.

I implore my fellow SideKickers to also write MYSPACE.


OOPS!! Move to OG please and thank you.....

I would look at your page....if MYSAPCE supported the SK!!!

FCTV808... where are YOU?!?!?!?!?

I figured as much.

With the constant spamming/phishing, mods 'accidental' profile deletions, neverending network problems, etc. Its gotten to be more of a pain in the ass than anything to maintain a page anyway.

Maybe the novelty has just worn off...I don't know.

just woke up jimmy.

and yes, COD has answered my prayers and now has completely ensured i don't ever go to myspace.


Its one of the main reasons I bought the SK...

that and of course

still got those spare parts available for me?

^^^despite my obvious growing distaste for the place, I did figure out a way to half ass log in from the sk. Even when you get logged in to your account, if you try to do certain things it logs you back can read mail, but viewing bulletins, editing profile, & most other things doesn't fly.

Its a bit of a pain in the ass, but in case its worth it to some of you other sk users here you go:

To log in from the sk...go to the myspace home/splash page. Log, as the redirect page is loading (the new one that says "your browser prevents you from seeing this page" & redirects you to the incorrect login screen...quickly scroll back up to the menu bar and click 'home'.

You must before this before the redirect page loads, otherwise it just logs you back out. When you click home, it will bring you back to the main/splash page, but you will be logged in...the enter username/password fields won't be there if you did it correctly.

If the login fields aren't there, click 'home' again on the menu bar...this will log you into your account. Again, only mail seems to work for me...trying to read bulletins etc log me back out. Frustrating, but it gets you in.

...all the spare part are still collecting dust man. just let me know.

causticfix, you are the MAN! Chenque!

Mark, it's all good for now, BUT....

I did drop it from a 2nd story balcony, it bounced off the roof of my GF car and onto the concrete driveway.