tna just lost a viewer!!!

buff bagwell and lex luger!! you got to be fuckin kidding me. i was starting to love tna. its all goin to hell now

seriously buff "softcore porn" bagwell and lex "i killed miss elizabeth" luger

they're not full time, relax

what are people going to do next week when the 3rd old timey wrestler is brought in?

Do you mean Nash? I assume it's him, after they showed him with Alex Shelley.

Let's just say that the guy Sting picks isn't exactly Umaga.

They are really dropping the ball now bringing around these boring WCW faces. They built themselves on a great in ring product, now they are shitting it down the drain. Now WWE is grabbing guys for the return of ECW later this year. At this rate, TNA is screwed and will probably not exist another year. It's a damn shame these guys had it going really well not even 6 months ago.

I feel bad for all the hard workers suffering from this bullshit. Buff!?! What the hell is that?? Can he even work anymore? Lex?? He looked like he contracted something. I didn't think he was going to be able to walk to the ring let alone potentially wrestle. This is a damn shame. I really had high hopes for TNA, but it will become another WCW...just watch.

fuck i forgot about ecw
i don't need tna anymore

"Do you mean Nash? I assume it's him"

Nope, it's not Nash. I created a separate thread about who it is so there aren't any spoilers on this one

I saw it grizz, thanks. I hope he didn't get a contract either.