TNA may get better with booking

Jim Cornette is done with OVW now and is set to start on TNA soon. They've been teasing the new face of TNA Management and Jim Cornette is that face. Hopefully they'll give him the booking job. Cornette is one of the better bookers in the business IMO, right up there with Heyman in creativity but still on the old school side. This is definately a positive for TNA as they are strong on talent but short on interesting things to do with that talent. Cornette booking may be just what they needed to really break out as a viable source of competition for WWE. And let's face it their angles can't get any worse so Cornette will definately be an improvement.

I just hope he listened to the fans when they chanted "No more legends!"

Corny rules. He has good ideas, but will stay out of the way and let the talent do what they do.

Cornette has been done with OVW since last August. He's been with ROH recently. I don't think he'll be booking in TNA however. It was stated on the ROH website that the contract he signed with TNA was for a set number of dates, not a full time one, so he will still be making appearances for ROH as well

this could be good lets see what happens

Will he bring his "loaded tennis racket"? It was always my favorite foriegn object.