To all my friends in Ottawa... :)

LOL.. they play that all the time up here too

I can't wait now to see the looks on all the Ottawa fan faces tommorow at school... the Boston fans (the couple there are up here) was priceless, but this is so much better :)

My wife's ENTIRE family (thankfully not her) are Senators fans....

4 straight times now.. :)

Screw'em LOL

LOL!!!!!! WAY TO GO TORONTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

funny ass song

he made sure he corrected himself in an interview close to the end of the year

"I didn't specifically mean THIS YEAR, I'm saying that the team we have now is capable of winning the cup. Wheather it's this year or next year ect."

still a fool either way.

ANYBODY who predicts their team will win the Stanley cup gives their team the kiss of death....


LOL @ at the senators!


Is that Sandler?

Adam is CanadiEn?

Nope, it's a very good impersonation...

They have one all ready for the Flyers too... :)


lol it sounds just like him!


Man that picture never gets old. If he got a haircut they might of had a chance. Nobody wins the cup with a haircut like that except for Jagr.

That song was awesome. Can't wait for the Philly one

On the Edge 102.1 they had this skit about Jeremy Ronick in his first porn movie. Something about him having a 2 inch penis.

Cherry Picker... the song will be a good one