To all the guys at SPMA

Just want to say thanks to all you guys for making me feel at home in your gym. Really felt my game improve while i was there. Well now im back in glasgow and i miss my days of waking up at 10am going training a couple of times a day, Drinking musahsi supplements and still not getting to 70kg, watching teleevangilist and rodeos on TV and seeing what sydneys got.

Congrats to Anthony and Elvis on both their fights.

Thanks guys it was the best place ive ever trained.

as a side note i had an mma fight at the weekend and won the CW skinny girl weight title there some pictures here

Paul McVeigh

No Elvis im not english

congrats on the big win Paul, it was good to train with someone my weight when you were

Hey Paul,

Congratulations on your victory. It was definitely well earnt. It was a pleasure to have you out here to train.

It's always nice to have you British folk come through and see what we have to offer.

Seriously, you're always welcome to come back and train. You're part of the family now. Make sure you stay in touch via email. All the best in your training.



I wasn't sure which picture was yours since all you English folk looked the same. So I just found the skinniest girliest looking fighter...

Congratulations on your victory!


Looking at the pictures it looked like a great match...


Congrats Paul!!

great work paul!!! congrats on your victory!

hey paul,

Congrats in your fight, i hope you thanked me in your speeches. IT was good fun training with you, hope to see you back one day.


Thanks guys, fought him before and hes got super flexibility so i didnt try any subs eventually won by TKO in the 4th rd.

Ben- feck no Imran Khan would kill me in Thai.

Elvis- i know that your geography aint great but Ireland really isnt a part of Britain, a bit of it is but even in that bit weve got dual nationality.
Thanks for posting pictures dude.

Matt- in the pre fight interview i did mention a mysterious man in a shiny gi of power with a red trim who taught me the secrets of the devastatingly effective south american martial art.

Hey Paul, you all look the same, speak unintelligbly and drink warm beer so really does it matter, British, Irish, English, Scottish... there's no difference.


And you guys speak wrong, drink crap beer, smell funny and watch entirely too much sport, plus theres that whole descended from thieves thing :)

....guess i wont be going back to australlia anytime soon :)

Don't knock being desendant from thieves, I've still got your watch... Helps me to know when to get the next beer while watching the sport on tv...


touche! :)