To all the Mark Hunt doubters

Do I seem to remember a thread asking who Australia's best MMA fighter was and being ridiculed for saying Mark Hunt?

How you f...ckers must be eating humble pie.

And the troll fool YoMamma being disrespectful to Marcelo Rezende about his skill as a coach.

Carlos Gracie Jr has produced some of the best fighters/instructors ever.

Firstly HUGE congratulations to mark for his achievement at Pride. personally I thought he would either KO vanederlai or be beaten convingly, neither was the case. His showing was superb further highlighted by the fact that he took the match on such short notice against probably the #2 LHW fighter on the planet!

Having watched the match I will say that the decision in my opinion was VERY poor. I would suspect that the bulk of MMA media will reflect this statement. On any level fighters learn to take the good with the bad and the result will state HUNT defeated SILVA.

I would love in the future to see him V Mirko in pride, that would be a HUGE gate for Pride, however, I am not sure it will happen in a hurry. Vanderlai (rightfullys so) looked absoulutely gutted by the decision, which I believe is going to bring a new breath of life into him.

VERY interested to hear input from anyone else that has seen the fight.


i cant under stand prides judging criteria, i would have to say i thought vanderlei won on take downs and positioning althought the match was very close.

I thought R2 was a draw and the other 2 were Vanderlai's clearly.


Pride scores fights differently to other promotions.  Position and control mean very little.  Pride's primary criteria is about finishing fights.  Hunt came closer to finishing the fights with his standup than Silva did with his takedowns.


I also thought it was a poor decision. Certainly Hunt knocked him down a couple of times, but he didn't look too dazed. I think his submission attempt was closer to finishing the fight, not to mention that for a fairly large portion of the match Silva was beating on him on the ground

I think the fight also showed that Silva is not a legit black belt in Jiu Jitsu. It seems to me that parts of his ground game are very good, especially being able to his feet. But I thoink he he should have been able to do more damage when he had Hunt on his back.

I'd be interested to here what somebody like Elvis thought of his ground game.

I haven't seen the fight but are you saying a Black Belt in BJJ should win on the ground every time?

I would have thought MMA was a little different to BJJ.

I would disagree re the match showing a hole in SILVA'S ground game. No gi with about 20kg difference is gonna make it a hard day at the office for any blackbelt.


Thats what I would have thought.

I think MMA have come along way since you had to be a black belt in BJJ to win.

At the same time I think it can't hurt to be a black belt in BJJ.

sherdog has a post fight interview with vanderlai and also HUNT.

havent checked marks yet but SILVA'S team stated that Mark copped a yellow card in the fight too. This add's further weight to the SILVA case of upset re the outcome.

Jacob, did you goto the event live? I only found out post fight that a friend of mine had xtra tickets (fighters are given 15 complimentary ringsides).


Do you guys who watched the fight think that Silva's takedowns etc,
where an offensive startegy to take hunt down and submit him and
bring an end to the fight or to neautralize the threat of Hunt's striking
and survive to the end?

Maybe I was too boased when watching it, but it just seemed like Vand
would throw down, themn lose confidence or get smacked, back
peddel and shoot to survive.

I haven't seen the fight so won't comment on the skills displayed.  I've seen some of Silva's fights and I think his biggest problem with his ground game isn't so much his skills, but his confidence in those skills.  I've seen him a couple of times close to finishing (eg triangle on Saku) but he's released the hold because he thought it wasn't good enough.  If he went balls to the wall after his subs the way he does his punches and knees I think you'd see more subs in his results.

I won't comment on his rank/level as I've never trained with him.  I've seen a few BJJ Black Belts that are great in the gi but don't always transition as well into No Gi.  Silva's grappling is very effective for MMA, and for that I can't knock it. You have to remember he uses is ground skills to complement his striking so he'll use it in a different way that someone like Mino would.  Also, if you've trained to do one thing (eg preparing for Saku) and then get a opponant that's the opposite of what you need to do (eg Hunt) it can be difficult to break your training habits.


Good input Elvis.


Huge Congratulations to Mark!!!!

Regardless of any question of judges decision, we now have an Australasian MMA Fighter with a win over one of the world's best ever MMA exponents, Vanderlai Silva!!!!


All we need now is to find a heavyweight in any contact sport that was born in Australia and not New Zealand to claim as our own ;)

"I haven't seen the fight but are you saying a Black Belt in BJJ should win on the ground every time?"

No I'm not saying that. His stuffed up a figure four through what looked like poor technique to me and was very defensive when he had mount, didn't try to hit him really hard and never tried to catch an arm or any other type of submission.

Having said that he was efficient in taking him down, passing his guard and getting the dominant position.

I actually think Elvis probably is correct about him not having confidence with his submissions. But I do think that if you put most BJJ Black belts, with Silva's physical capabilities, mounted on Mark Hunt, they would be able to submit him.

I was there live.

Mark Hunt looked awesome, there is no doubt bout that. For a guy who has been training as little as he has on the ground to compete with the TOP nhb fighter in the world ON THE GROUND is really something. He wasnt in much danger at all from what i saw. Standing he looked alot sharper than vanderlei. I think vanderlei controlled the pace a bit due to his greater ground experience but i dont really think he did anything to give him the win.

Props to him he is still the baddest dude in the world in his division.

"I was there live"

Bastard !!


FWIW I thought Hunt look much improved compared to his last Pride appearence. He didn't seemed fazed by the ground game and was always composed, no matter what position he was in.

If this fight is any indication of his potential he's going to go a long way.

Keats, as for claiming him as an Aussie, it's pretty hard to do when his accent is that thick. I watched the post fight interview on sherdog, and I think I understood Silva's portugese better then Hunt's english...


Would have to agree Mark looked very good, i think it was good to see him use some ground work. It would have been much easier being mounted by a middle weight than being in side control with Dan Bobbish(170kg) on top.

I have watched the fight and thought Vanderlei did nothing that really did any damage to Mark. His takedowns were awesome, as Mark is quiet effective at sprawling and has a good takedown defence. Mark looked awesome in the standup and showed the difference between a k1 striker and a mma striker. I can understand how people could say silva dominated the fight, but when you have been dropped 3 times and done no damage to the other fighter i can't see you taking a win.

Well done Mark, hopefully in a couple of years we will have a Pride Heavey wieght champ from New Zealand(then you guys will want to claim him as Australian really bad)