To all the Pulver Haters

I have been reading how many of you bitch about how Jens is a boring fighter , I really hope you got to see his fight VS Gomi and his fight with Palling. Both were stand up wars and the reason why many of us buy DVD's, pay for pay per views and attend live shows... Heart

Pulver is the man!

Jens is all heart and skills.He is the man in America at his weight.

I loved the boxing Jens, the best in our sport. Keep
it up.

Always been a Pulver fan. Huge heart, and I love that
in a fighter.

And despite the loss, he looked great against Gomi,
who's for sure a top 3 LW. Not too many guys at 145
or 155 would be able to stand up to what he dished
out to Gomi before getting caught.