To all the Staffinators and Refinators

With out your HARD work,we as a team would have never have pulled this off.With just over a 2 week notice,we came together for the love of our sport and did a great job.Those long hours of weigh ins,registration,phones calls and numerous hurtels and obstacales that were throwen in our paths,we over came them and still started the event Saturday morning at 9:45 AM and finnished just before 7 PM with just over 1135 comperitors.

To all those that stood by us,thank you from the bottom of my heart

Special thanks to Johnny Rameriz,Joe Sullivan,Carlos Diaz,Clint and Molly Crabtree,Ryan Hieght and his wfe,Greg Joshua,BJ Nelson,James Carrow,Sean Bansfield,Hillary Willams
AJ Agazarm,Marcel Meleiro and Eric Stanisfer for all your hard work.

And those that came from out of the stands,THANK YOU.