To all you who thought Karo wasn't KO'd...

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Thiago Alves - "That was [Parisyan's] concern. He thought that nothing happened. 'Why'd you stop the fight?' you know? When he saw the replay, even (Parisyan's coach Randy) Couture was like, 'You got knocked out.' After a while, [Parisyan] texted my coach and apologized and everything. Karo's a great guy."

Just LOL at all the people crying that Karo was fine after the fight and talking shit about the stoppage. Good call guys, BAHAHAHAHAHA!

It was a good stop by the ref

I knew when I saw it that people would complain, but the ref isn't concerned how you look 5 seconds after the guy stops punching you. It's how you look while he's punching you.

It was an early stoppage

 Karo is a hothead. It was good stoppage. He just needs some time to calm down.

I LOL'd too at the people who said "look at how Karo was up and walking around after the fight!".

No shit, it's AFTER the fight. 30 seconds into the 2nd round he was ass down taking bombs to his dome.