To All

I am leaving Ft. Benning on September 1 2005 and the Army for that matter. I want to wish you all on this forum the greatest. Matt i would like to get together before i take off. Please get with Dave or Kieth and give me a call. Chapelle actually grads next week, and i have another guy that was supposed to fight Big Kev but joined the Army instead. I rolled with him he is pretty straight. You definately want to take a look @ him.
Till Then Keep Fighting The Good Fight

Just Preston

Good luck in your future endeavors...SSG GOSS

Good Luck, stay in touch. If you happen to come thru Oklahoma give me a Hollar and come on by.

John, take care man, good luck with FLNG, and get your team ready for NOV.

V/R Apostle

SFC going into the FL ARNG? if so what

Good luck with your future brother...

Hey brother, I won't be back until the 5th. I'll plan a trip down to Jacksonvill latter to link up. Tell Chappelle that I am out of town. He wanted me to come to his graduation but I am not going to make it. Tell him I'll come to his RIP graduation.

What is the other guys name? maybe we can get him to stick around to help Kevin train.

Maj L
I am going to be Mday out of Camp Blanding. But initial ADSW out of St. Augustine and Jacksonville.
Do you know SGM George or Cpt Torres???

Mat give me a headsup before you come down. Bring the crew and I will arrange the off shore fishing like we discussed. You know i am going to set up a new trailer park down there.

Till then
Keep Fighting The Good Fight

Preston " Go Guard"