To believe in vain

To believe in vain

"By this Gospel you are saved, if you hold firmly to the word I preached to you. Otherwise you have believed me in vain." Paul ( I Corinthians, 15:2 )

As is the case with many flowers that do not reach full bloom in the appropriate season, innumerable souls exist in the service of faith who do not accomplish during long periods of terrestrial struggles their own inner illumination, due to having believed in the paths of life in vain.

Paul of Tarsus was very explicit when he assured the Corinthians that they would be saved if they held on to the Gospel.

The revelation of Jesus is an extensive field in which there is room for all men, referring to the various services.

Many arrive at the work site; however, they do not go beyond the word, cooperating in purely intellectual organizations. Some improvise theological systems, others contribute in statistics, and others are still preoccupied with the historic locality of the Lord.

It is imperative to recognize that any dignified task is useful at its proper time, according to the sentiments of the collaborator; however, regarding the eternal life that Christianity unfolds at a glance, we must remain within us the teaching of the Master looking toward the needed application.

Each student should be a living page in the book that Jesus is writing with the evolving material of Earth. The disciple should engrave the Gospel in his own existence, or he will have to prepare to restart the apprenticeship once again; because without first fixating within him the light of the lesson, he will have believed in vain.

Our daily bread - Emmanuel - Francisco C Xavier.