To Cheer Everyone Up...

Here are some breasts. Photography by yours truly.

just what we needed, thanks Jon

want me to get her to write "crazyhook" on them and pose again?:)

ttt for the rack of happiness

very nice

Jon.. call it an Xmas present if you can :)

I already got my Xmas present but we'll swing an extra one for you buddy:) and we need a blue namer to post this so as to spread a little joy through the Canada forum.

I will not ask you were you got those Jon :)

lol all I had to do was ask, she was in a very giving mood.

she's a very giving girl

As the scene here in Canada will be a little tension-filled for the foreseeable future, Moody and I shall make it our mission to spread good cheer via pictures of young girls' cleavage.

Let the healing begin!

Jon I will be viewing these pic's when I get home but I would like to "Thank You" in advance.

we will get her to write "Mental" on the old boobs too:)

i need milk


still waiting for my personalized pair!

lol trying to get her on the line right now!

I'll pass on the young girls.

But if you can get women, I wouldn't mind.


Just incase of spelling issues.

lol! we're talking over 21 here buddy, you're safe:) are bringing up your average with that one :)