To England and Iceland from the U.S.A., TME!

I have the opportunity to travel to London, England and Reykjavik, Iceland from the U.S. during the month of April.

A friend is going there for work and invited me to go along for the journey. I've never been to Europe and wanted to see if anyone had advice on traveling to these places, more specifically Iceland, especially if anyone if from there or currently living there. TME! Thanks! Phone Post 3.0

There is an older thread about Iceland in the og, it inspired me to go. Currently B saving for a trip Phone Post 3.0

Mind bumping that thread for me Mountain? Phone Post 3.0

Londons ace, you can spend a fortune whilst there though. But its also really nice to buy an underground ticket and see most of the city for not much cash.

My favourite area is covent garden, excellent bars, amazing street entertainers and good food.

Make sure you check trip advisor for restraunts though nothing more heart breaking then paying a fortune for a shitty meal.

As for iceland ive never been but it looks cool! Phone Post 3.0

Thanks Tom! My buddy I'll be traveling with goes to London every year, so he should be able to show me around a little. I've not done much research on Iceland yet, checking out the tripadvisor forums now. Phone Post 3.0

Golden circle trip in Iceland Phone Post 3.0

Iceland sells shitty food. Waitrose is better. Phone Post 3.0

Outlaw'd by Lytle - Iceland sells shitty food. Waitrose is better. Phone Post 3.0
Lol vu Phone Post 3.0

Iceland is the best place I have ever lagoon, parliament, penis museum, clubbing in "Black Death" it's all there in Iceland and you can't not do it as it's actually (in terms of people) tiny Phone Post 3.0