To everyone hating on Walt jr...

Dude is a fuckin boss. Has cerebral palsy and man handled the almighty Heisenberg. Took his back with ease and had the rear naked choke locked in. Could've put him to sleep. Should've made Walt call him Flynn while he was at it Phone Post 3.0

This is....this is BULLSHIT!

I didn't mean what you said is BS...just that Flynn says that all the time

Walt had full mount on skylar which is quite a feat considering skylar is about 4 weight classes above walter... flynn got him when he wasnt looking Phone Post

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist

S-s-s-say m-m-my n-name Phone Post

GnP Sonnen - S-s-s-say m-m-my n-name Phone Post
Nice Phone Post 3.0


Y-y-your g-g-goddamned ruh-ruh-right

I'm going to hell..... Phone Post

I was just glad to see him doing SOMETHING besides eating breakfast.

CaptainWoody - This is....this is BULLSHIT!

fuckin lol.... I caught that right away


Sorry OP. Tried voting up but voted down. Will get you back. Phone Post 3.0

Poor bastard just wanted breakfast on a regular basis. He didn't ask for all this. Phone Post

his only weakness is leg locks Phone Post

Fuck Walt jr !!!! Phone Post 3.0

so he beat up a guy with cancer?


All those meth fumes probably didn't help with his health either.


That's like being proud of beating on stephen hawking.

Dude's a bitch. He just sat there and let his twunt aunt trash his Dad and based solely on what she says suddenly being his father for 18 or so years doesn't matter anymore. Sees his mom pull a knife on his dad and stab him for no reason, then sides with his mom when shit gets out of hand. What a fucking pussy. He has forgotten the face of his father.